Attack the fraudsters not benefit system.

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Broken Britain

Today’s the day the Tory & Libdims attack the benefit system, but it’s not the benefit system at fault it’s more of a case of fraudsters taking the mickey.

IlieLike Chorley window cleaner John Booth who said he was unfit to work over a 14-year period due to various ailments, including agoraphobia, but in fact was working as a window cleaner.
The 63-year-old has been given a 28-week jail term suspended for two years after admitting 17 counts of false accounting at Preston Crown Court.
Booth began his scam in April 1994 after previously claiming invalidity benefit for 12 years because of depression.When he began work again on his cleaning business he failed to notify the authorities of his change in circumstances.

He then went on to falsely claim a string of unemployment benefits despite continuing to clean windows in Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Stockport and Poynton on a regular basis.

Despite clambering up ladders, he submitted on claim forms that he could only walk 50 yards before he needed a rest, regularly suffered panic attacks and could not go out alone.

Booth went on to claim council tax benefit, disability living allowance and pension credit. He did this despite having up to £27,000 in his building society account at one point, which he did not declare, and was in fact married to a woman who had a full-time job.

Then there’s the social worker who fraudulently claimed over £90,000 in income support and housing benefits who has been jailed for eight months.

Maxine Wilson, 42, of Cricklewood, north west London, began legitimately claiming housing and council tax benefits in 1997 when Hammersmith and Fulham Council granted her three years’ unpaid leave to study a degree.

But Wilson continued to claim the benefits for a further eight years after returning to work at the council, with an increased salary, in June 2000. At the same time she began working part-time for British Airways by taking paid sick leave from the council and using her annual holiday entitlement, adding £6,000 to her annual income of £32,000.

In total, Wilson, a mother of four children, was overpaid £96,870 in income support, housing and council tax benefits by the London Borough of Brent, where she lived, between June 2000 and February 2009.

She pleaded guilty to benefit fraud at Harrow Crown Court on 8 June and received an eight-month jail sentence.

Also we have the Britons living in European countries who claim incapacity benefits because they send a sick note saying they are unfit to work. No checks are carried out to see whether they are incapable of work and why should taxpayers support them when they do not want to live in the UK.

To top it all we have migrant workers getting child benefit for children who don’t live in our country. Isn’t that why they have come to the UK where our streets are paved with gold and their wages can be sent home to support their families. Some of them are also claiming in Poland too.

Mind you there are criminals in the UK who pretend they are employing migrant workers but the worker only stays in the country for a few days then clears of home still able to claim benefits through the fraud company. Read more on this HERE.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    8 months for 96K , with at least half off thats a very good rate of pay….and tax free at that!

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