Travellers wreak havoc.

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Law & Disorder

It’s that time of year again when travellers can break the law to trespass wherever they feel like.

This time it’s a 25-vehicle convoy of travellers breaking down gates and cutting off padlocks in and around Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

IlieThe travellers arrived in Langton Green on Sunday morning and set up camp in a field opposite The Hare, pictured, after breaking down the gate.

A second group arriving later caused problems on the A264 by holding up traffic while they argued with the owners of the field to let them in.

They were served notice to leave and the groups began to move across town to Dunorlan Park on Sunday evening, finally leaving Langton Green by Monday lunchtime. At Dunorlan they cut off padlocks and forced their way into the events fields off Halls Hole Road.

Following police intervention, the travellers moved on Monday at about 6.50pm to private land next to Haysden Country Park in Tonbridge.

Under section 61 of the Criminal Justice Act the group had been served a notice to leave the site by Saturday.

Speaking earlier at Dunorlan, traveller Dave Douglas said they had not pre-arranged to come to the park: “I don’t know where we are, to be honest. It’s a nice area though.”
It was until a load of trespassers turned up!

Debbie and James Abbott, owners of the field in Langton Green, said they had been forced to park their car across the entrance to stop the second convoy entering their field.

They claimed the travellers were “screaming and shouting with horns blaring” to be let in, while those already in the field heckled the Abbotts from the other side. They told the Abbotts they would leave if they gave them £500. Isn’t that demanding money with menaces?

Mrs Abbott, who cleared 16 bin bags of rubbish left by the travellers, said the episode had been “unpleasant”.

“We have to take more security measures to block off the gates,” she said. “They were all padlocked and chained but now we’ll have to put concrete blocks.”

She said travellers had broken into the same field two years ago before they bought it and had stayed for two weeks, leaving a “huge amount of rubbish” and causing bad feeling in the village.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    And where, might I wonder , were the police while all this was going on?

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