Jail less criminals to save money.

Posted: June 14, 2010 in Broken Britain

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke’s idea of getting Britain out of debt is to save millions from the £2.2 billion prisons’ budget by jailing fewer offenders and slashing sentences.

Clarke questioned the need for the tougher sentencing that has seen the prison population nearly double since the early 1990s. Which is a bit odd because when in opposition the Tories promised to create 5,000 more prison places if they got into power but that was before they sold their soul to the LibDims.

Just to remind him why we need more prison places.

Four people were shot in the early hours of yesterday morning when a gunman opened fire at a popular nightclub. There are fears that the incident in Birmingham’s Custard Factory may spark gang war shootings in retaliation.

It happened during an urban music event, leaving three men and a woman injured. Hundreds of clubbers dived for cover as the gunman opened fire before fleeing.


IlieBritain faces ‘decades of debt’ unless it acts to cut public spending now, Nick Clegg will warn today.

Here’s Percy’s idea for saving money, look at the charts, £6 billion spent on foreign economic aid and £4 billion spent on foreign military aid. Cut that, £10 billion saved at a stroke.

To completely change the subject

What’s this all about, is sale of screenwash going down in this time of financial austerity?

Motorists who do not use screenwash for their windscreen wipers risk getting potentially deadly legionnaires’ disease, a study reveals.

The warning comes after health experts discovered professional drivers were five times more likely to be infected with the dangerous bug, which is found in warm, stagnant water. More likely to catch it in dirty motorway service station toilets I would have thought.

Apparently drivers are now being urged to add screenwash to their wiper water after traces of the legionella bacterium were found in one in five cars that did not have the additive – but in no cars that did.

It is feared that around 20% of legionnaires’ disease cases could arise from this type of exposure. Mind you there were only 345 cases in the UK last year and statistics reveal that nearly half of legionnaires’ disease cases are caught abroad, which means only 32 cases may have been from car owners screenwash. Not much of a scare is it when you consider only professional drivers are at risk. Not something to lose sleep over is it?

The findings come from a Health Protection Agency led study, which looked at why people at the wheel were more likely to be infected. Most at risk were found to be those driving a van, people who drive through industrial areas, and people who often had the car window open.

Just heard a Boots advert on the radio, ‘two pregnancy tests for the price of one’. Doesn’t that imply that the tests are not very reliable so you will need another to be sure. Why not ‘buy one get two free’ that way the test could be the best out of three.

  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Ken Clarke really is past his use by date!
    With ever more lenient sentencing, poor detection rates and earlier and earlier release schemes who does he think is filling up our prisons?
    The answer to crime is called ‘deterrent’!
    What needs to happen is to lock up repeat offenders for longer each time they recieve a conviction in a place that is free of playstations and the like, a place that they don’t want to come back to!
    The sentence given should be the sentence served…no early release, just a bit extra for bad behaviour.
    Furthermore those who inhabit our prisons need to have their addictions/illiteracy/mental health problems properly addressed while they are there, to give them a realistic chance of changing their behaviour when released.
    Ken Clarke has obviously been in parliament for far too long to have any connection at all with reality!!!

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