Asylum seeker torturer allowed to stay.

Posted: June 10, 2010 in Law & Disorder

An asylum seeker who doused his lover in boiling hot water scarring her upper body will be able to stay in Britain.

IlieLuis Driggs-Gonzalez, 38, who came to Leicester from Cuba, poured a kettle over his 30-year-old girlfriend, stripping the skin from her neck, shoulders and chest.

Prosecutor Gareth Underhill told Snaresbrook Crown Court that the attack happened at the woman’s east London home, in October. A statement from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital’s burns unit said she sustained nine per cent burns to her upper back, right shoulder and breasts, leaving her with permanent scars.
The court heard that Driggs-Gonzalez also attacked Miss Massara, on May 10, last year, pushing her in the face.

Judge Murray Shanks jailed Driggs-Gonzalez, from Jay House, in London Road, Leicester, for six years. Unbelievably he will not be expelled from Britain after jail, after claiming to be a “political activist” who faces torture if he returns to Cuba. Yet he thinks it’s alright to torture his girlfriend.

Meanwhile still in Leicestershire

An illegal immigrant spent months sleeping on a pavement even though he wanted to be deported.

Sarbjit Singh is to be sent home to India after he and a second man, Ashok Masah, spent at least eight months sleeping on Leicester’s streets.

Mr Singh, 32, and 44-year-old Mr Masah, had been caught in an immigration limbo, which prevented British authorities from ordering them to leave.

Because the men had lost all forms of identification, including their passports, Indian immigration authorities would have barred them from entering the country of their birth. Pity UK didn’t follow that policy instead of letting any Tom, Dick and Harry into the UK and then try to send them back whilst the do-gooders do their utmost to keep them here!

IlieThe deadlock in Mr Singh’s case was broken on Monday night when the UK Border Agency secured an agreement with the Indian authorities for him to return to India.

He was detained by Leicestershire police yesterday and handed to the agency.

However, Mr Masah’s case is unlikely to be resolved for the time being.
He was detained on Monday but apparently he is still refusing to communicate with the authorities. Is he keen to go back or just looking for somewhere warm and dry with regular meals at the taxpayers’ expense?

As a result, Indian immigration officials are unwilling to grant him permission to travel to their country because his identity and background have not yet been verified. Both men are being held in an immigration detention centre.


Now for something musical

Punk-rock band, Criminal Mind, were held for questioning at the Port of Dover after illegal immigrants hid inside their speakers in a bid to sneak into the UK.

Ben Waldock, Josh Reed and Ben Dowling, all 18 and members of Criminal Mind, were stopped as they arrived at Dover after a European tour.

Customs officers discovered four Vietnamese stowaways hiding inside their speakers when they inspected the lorry containing their gear. The band’s Czech driver had allegedly picked up the illegal immigrants as they returned from two gigs in the Czech Republic.

The four musicians were eventually released without charge.

Ben Waldock, the band’s drummer, said he suspected something was wrong on the journey home when his bag of cheese-and-onion crisps disappeared. Could have been Gary Lineker!

The band’s 25-year-old driver was charged with immigration offences.

News from Essex

An unlicensed drink driver mounted the pavement in his Mercedes and knocked down a clubber. Drunk Lithuanian Ailandas Jeremciuk, 30, twice tried to hit revellers outside the Shout bar in Clements Road, Ilford, Essex.

  1. Julie says:

    I don’t think Gary Lineker could fit into a speaker. He eats alot of crisps!

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