Vietnamese illegal workers nailed!

Posted: June 9, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

IlieThree Vietnamese nationals were found working at New York Nails in Upper Parliament Street at 1025 on 26 May despite being failed asylum seekers with no right to employment in the UK. See, they don’t always just grow cannabis.

IlieTwo women, aged 22 and 47, and a 21-year-old man were temporarily released on immigration bail while the UK Border Agency takes steps to remove them from the country as soon as possible. Ummm, doesn’t that give them time to disappear and turn up somewhere else working illegally.

There’s more

Seven immigration offenders have been arrested at four North Wales restaurants.

UK Border Agency went to Nikki Ip’s at 19:00 on Thursday 3 June. Two Chinese chefs were found to be in the UK illegally, and arrested. One man was found to have entered the UK illegally. He remains in detention pending an outstanding immigration claim and will be removed from the UK if he is found to have no right to remain. The second man is in custody charged under the Identity Cards Act with possessing a counterfeit Home Office document.

The agency’s North Wales team found five more immigration offenders after simultaneously targeting three restaurants in Tywyn, Dolgellau and Penrhyndeudraeth at 17:00 on Thursday 27 May.

A Bangladeshi chef was found to have entered the UK illegally. He is in custody after being charged under the Identity Cards Act with possessing a forged UK passport.

Three Bangladeshi men were arrested. One man was found to be a failed asylum seeker who had not left the UK as required when his claim for international protection was turned down. A second man was working illegally in breach of a visitors’ visa. Both remain in immigration detention pending their removal from the UK. A third man was charged with possessing a counterfeit document and is in custody.

A Bangladeshi chef was arrested after it was found he had stayed in the UK illegally after his visa had expired. He was later released on immigration bail while steps are taken by the UK Border Agency to remove him from the country.

Those arrested in the raids were taken to St Asaph police station.


An Albanian man has been returned to sender after attempting to use counterfeit documents to enter the country illegally at Bristol Airport.

The man arrived on a flight from Rome on Wednesday 2 June and presented UK Border Agency officers with a Romanian identity card, which would have entitled him entry to the UK as a European Economic Area (EEA) national.

A detailed examination of the document by officers revealed it was a completely false copy of a genuine identity card.

The man continued to insist he was Romanian, producing a driving licence to support his claim. However, examination of that document found that too was counterfeit.

A search of the man’s luggage revealed letters written in Albanian. He eventually admitted he was from Albania, had intended to work illegally in the construction industry in the UK and had paid up to 400 euros for the counterfeit documents.

The man was detained overnight and removed to Italy the next day.

Back to the catering business

IlieAn illegal immigrant caught working at a Lincoln takeaway has been removed from the country.

UK Border agency officers visited the American Fried Chicken and Pizza takeaway in Lincoln High Street at 1830 on 27 May. The officers sealed all exits before interviewing the workers and checking their immigration status.

A Turkish man, aged 22, was found to be wearing branded work clothes and making pizza bases in the kitchen. He was identified as an illegal entrant to the UK and arrested. He was then taken into detention before being removed back to Turkey on Thursday 3 June.


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