Dwile Flonking outlawed.

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Broken Britain

Dwile Flonking’s inaugural world championships were due to be held on Saturday at the Dog Inn pub, in Ludham, Great Yarmouth.

But Norfolk District Council outlawed the game because it contravened laws aimed at banning speed drinking although only half a pint of real ale is drunk.
Event organisers are trying to find a way for teams, who are visiting from all over the country, to participate. It was hoped it could have become a local tourist attraction.

During the game, ”flonkers” use a pole to launch a beer-soaked cloth at opponents, with the aim of giving them a wet slap in the face.

Rules state if their soggy missile misses its target twice in a row, the competitor must down a pot – or half – of ale as quickly as possible.

But after reading about the planned tournament online Tony Gent, the council’s licensing officer, told Mrs Clinch she would be breaking the law.

New laws introduced in April banned drinking games, including time limit, all-you-can-drink offers, free alcohol prizes and binge drinking promotions.

Breaches of the new code could lead to pubs losing their licences, fines of up to £20,000 for landlords and even six months in prison.

Dwile Flonking may have been played in Norfolk and Suffolk since the middle ages as a traditional form of entertainment.

Rather than me explain the rules watch the video.

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