Labour party to get legal aid.

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Broken Britain

Legal aid has been granted to a Labour candidate to issue a writ calling for a fresh election in Waddon, Croydon

The action by David Christison, one of three Labour candidates standing in the ward in May’s elections, has been taken because Labour is claiming it was chaos at several polling stations on election day.
But it was chaos for all candidates too. Why should they get taxpayers’ money because they not happy with the number of votes they receive.

Apparently because Christison, who polled the least Labour votes, is on disability benefit he can receive legal aid which is why presumably he is the one out of the three candidates issuing a writ. Take advantage of his disability status or what!

A preliminary hearing is expected to take place before a High Court judge, sitting in an election court, in early July, when a decision on whether to move to a full hearing will be taken. How much is that going to cost the taxpayer?

The full hearing would probably take place in the autumn and if Mr Christison is successful a re-run of the election in Waddon could be ordered.

Mr Christiston polled 1,927 votes in May, around 500 fewer than the closest successful Conservative.

His writ centres on what he says is clear evidence of polling stations being understaffed and ill-equipped to deal with the high turn out. This led to queues, he claims, and some people being unable to vote before polling stations closed.

Mr Christison claims the council has admitted 80 people were unable to vote in Waddon. But 80 votes, that’s if they would have voted Labour, won’t overturn a 500 vote defeat will it?

Sore loser or what?


  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Who ,I wonder, is responsible for the granting of legal aid…………….obviously its not the Minister of CommonSense !!!
    Waste of public money on something that wasn’t even that close1

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