Homes to be checked by Department of Health snoopers

Posted: May 18, 2010 in BIG BROTHER

Parents of children under five are to have their homes checked to ensure they are keeping their children safe.

IlieInspectors will check whether families have installed smoke alarms, stair gates, locks on medicine cupboards, windows and ovens, and fitted temperature controls to stop bath water getting too hot. Will gardens face inspection too, do they have ponds, glass frames and steps?

Guidelines for inspections have been drawn up on the instructions of the Department of Health in a bid to prevent injuries among under-15s in the home.

The draft guidelines issued yesterday call for all families to have the option of home safety inspections by trained staff from the NHS or local councils. Trained staff, don’t make me laugh, the NHS can’t even keep their hospitals safe for patients! Health and safety organisations are told to identify homes where children are thought to be most at risk of accidents and ‘offer home risk assessments’.

Presumably it will be GPs, school nurses and teachers acting as informants for the Nanny Police, raising the alarm because a child has been to hospital or has a graze.

According to the guidance, ‘A home risk assessment involves systematically identifying potential hazards in the home, evaluating those risks and proving information or advice on how to reduce them’. Does that include removing matches and sharp objects?

It seems just another way to criminalise joe public, a prison sentence is sure to follow if these health snoopers are refused entry into homes.


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