Illegal immigrant fraudster costs taxpayers £700 per week.

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Broken Britain

An illegal immigrant who was jailed over an £800,000 loans fraud is living in a nursing home at the taxpayers’ expense as he fights against being deported.

Mashal Almansour, 38, claims he will die within weeks if he is sent back to Jordan. He needs dialysis three times a week for kidney failure and says he will not be able to pay for treatment if he is sent back to his homeland. He has already had a kidney transplant on the NHS, but the swap failed. Umm, how about using some of that £800,000 you’ve cheated people out of or set up another fraud in Jordan. Mind you I doubt whether Jordan will look upon a fraudster as stupidly as Britain does.

IlieMashal Almansour lives in a nursing home in Stockport, at a cost of about £700 per week, paid for by the taxpayer, while he fights deportation. This is one of those illegals the Lib Dimocrats want to award an amnesty to.

Almansour, 38, came to Britain 14 years ago and applied for citizenship. He withdrew his application and has lived here illegally ever since. His status only came to light after he was jailed for three years in 2007 for using a string of false names to rip off banks and building societies. How come the banks didn’t spot he was an illegal?
He used the fraudulent loans to buy luxury cars and homes in London and Leeds.
Judge James Spencer QC, who jailed him at Bradford Crown Court, labelled the scam a ‘cynical manipulation’ and said Almansour was guilty of ‘serious criminal dishonesty’.

Home Office officials began deportation proceedings as soon as Almansour, whose marriage to a British woman collapsed following his conviction, was released from jail after serving only half his sentence. This is the time when any normal country would turn up at the prison gates with a van and drive the illegal straight to the airport for deportation

Almansour worked as a delivery driver and takeaway worker before starting his own mortgage firm.


  1. Howard Thomas says:

    Perhaps we could pay for a room for this poor chap…….at Dignitas!

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