Croydon tax dead people.

Posted: May 9, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieCroydon council sent council tax bills and court orders to 20 people who had died.

The families of the deceased received court summonses addressed to their loved ones – some of whom died 10 years ago.

Croydon Council in South London admitted the mistake, blaming it on an out of date database. That old chestnut, blame the computer.

Ray Shakespeare, from New Addington, received a £70 bill for his 79-year-old mother Fanny, who died in October 2000. The council demanded she pay £153 including costs and warned the case would go to court if it wasn’t paid by May 18.

Mr Shakespeare said he was ‘angry, upset and disgusted’ by the letter and said he had been unaware that his mother had any outstanding debt. ‘We were completely shocked to see the letter. If I had seen the person that day who wrote it, I probably would have knocked their block off and I am not a violent person,’ he said.

A spokesman for the council apologised and said it would not pursue any of the debts. The council has finally woken up to the fact that ‘you can’t flog a dead horse’!


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