Police employing civilian guards.

Posted: May 8, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Figures reveal that a third of police forces in England and Wales spend £23m on private security to fulfil the roles of night watchmen, monitoring CCTV, patrolling building perimeters and carrying out security checks.
Are these private security firms’ employees CRB checked you may ask especially when the MOD have in the past employed illegal immigrants.
What with employing civilian investigators on rape and murder cases too, where will it all end?

Last year, 14 police forces hired security staff at a cost to taxpayers of £23m, up £2m on the previous year. The Metropolitan Police had the biggest bill, spending £10.5m last year on security for its buildings in London.

West Midlands Police has seen spending on private security rise from £1.39m in 2008 to £1.51m last year.

The Leicestershire force’s annual bill rocketed by 50% from £138,000 to £207,000.

Sussex Police spent £300,000 to secure just three buildings even though they face a £35 budget cuts over the next five years.


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