Illegal immigrant killer found in cupboard

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Law & Disorder

An illegal immigrant who killed a pensioner in a car crash after being temporarily released from detention was found cowering in an upstairs wardrobe above Zen Zen Chinese takeaway in Redlam, Blackburn.

IlieFailed asylum seeker Tian Bin Xue evaded authorities after the fatal crash in which 91-year-old Olive Stephens was killed.

The takeaway chef was caught by chance after environmental health officers found ants in his dirty kitchen and he was arrested by police who found him hiding in the cupboard.

He was wanted by West Yorkshire police for causing death by dangerous driving after mowing down Mrs Stephens as she crossed a road in Beeston, near Leeds, in July 2006.

Despite a number of appeals in the Leeds area and putting Xue’s mug shot on the Crimewatch ‘wanted’ board last April, Xue had slipped across the Pennines and into East Lancashire.

But when Blackburn with Darwen Council’s Environmental Health officers prosecuted the takeaway for seven breaches of food hygiene regulations, it proved the turning point in the case.

Xue was present when environmental health officers inspected the premises. Their raid followed a complaint from a customer who found ants in his food.

The investigation found ants had got into the cellar and food containers and the kitchen was dirty. Xue’s partner, Min Quing Wang, pleaded guilty over the Environmental Health breaches and was fined a total of £700, with £300 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

That prosecution result was put on to the police national computer database and West Yorkshire detectives, acting on their intelligence, sent a picture of Xue to the environmental health officer to identify him.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police confirmed that on January 15 this year Xue was arrested in Blackburn and put before Leeds Crown Court earlier this month, where he pleaded guilty to causing Mrs Stephens’ death by dangerous driving.

His defence was that he thought he had struck the kerb and only learned the truth 30 minutes later from a takeaway owner. He will be sentenced on May 10.


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