Immigrants killed man for BlackBerry.

Posted: April 24, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Three immigrants killed a man for his BlackBerry mobile phone and sold it for £60 and a box of chicken.

Ahmmadi, an Iranian, and Armenians Samedov and Muradi, who live in Croydon came to the UK in 2007, all deny murder, manslaughter and robbery.

The killers targeted garage attendant Saravanakumar Sellappan, 24, who was born in India but is of Tamil origin, after spotting him walking past a betting shop on the phone on his way home from work. He had got the 405 bus back to Thornton Heath after finishing work at the Esso garage in Hooley, on October 17 last year.

CCTV captured them following the victim into a dark street in Thornton Heath before knocking him to the floor while he was still on the phone to a friend. Mr Sellappan staggered home but had no idea he had suffered a fractured skull and brain damage.

IlieHe went to hospital but was sent away after a five-minute examination by a doctor and fell into a coma the next day. Nice one NHS, NOT!

Killers Jegir Ahmmadi, now 20, Roshan Samedov, 18, and Awat Muradi, 18, blamed each other for the killing despite being caught on film together trying to sell the phone. A jury at the Old Bailey cleared them of murder but convicted all three of manslaughter and robbery by unanimous verdicts.

Judge Michael Mettyear said he would sentence the killers next month on a date to be set. He told jurors: “I am adjourning sentence only because they are so young and I want to know more about them.”

Like is that there real age, why were they let into the UK, are they here legally?

So when you go to the polls next month remember Labour does exactly what it says in this news item- uncontrolled immigration, poor NHS service, increase of violent crime on our streets and light prison sentences which are nearly always cut in half.

Welcome to the lunatic asylum called BRITAIN!


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