Give this judge a medal!

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Law & Disorder

A judge delivered a blistering attack on young thugs who try to escape punishment by claiming they are not responsible for their own bad behaviour.

Judge Peter Moss spoke out after he was asked to spare teenage drunk driver Jake Money from a motoring ban because he suffered from attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, commonly known as ADHD.

IlieHe ordered him to “grow up” and take responsibility for his actions when he appeared in court to plead guilty to escaping from police custody. Judge Moss told Guildford Crown Court: “Everybody under the age of 19 has ADHD. It seems to be infectious.”

He ordered Money to provide evidence of his medical condition before he was ready to take it into account.

The court heard that police stopped Money, 18, of Warfield, Berkshire, because he was driving erratically. A roadside breath test revealed he was nearly twice over the legal limit. The finding was inconclusive and he was asked to get out of the car to provide another test.

But Money, fearing arrest and the loss of his licence, fled, the court heard. Prosecutor Jill Beale said: “He pushed the police officer out of the way and ran off.”

Police tracked down Money and arrested him. She added: “The defendant said he panicked. He escaped because he did not want to go through the procedure.”

Money’s lawyer Elizabeth Narty said he was diagnosed with ADHD when he was seven and had been prescribed medication.
She urged the judge not to ban Money from driving as he would lose his job and might fall into a life of crime. The judge said Money would be in “dead trouble” if he did.

Judge Moss added that if he failed to ban the teenager, it would lead other drunk drivers to try to flee from the police to escape disqualification.


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