PC tells robbed shopkeeper to ring police.

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Law & Disorder

A shopkeeper who asked a policeman for help catching two thieves was told: “Ring the police“.

IlieGraham Taylor, 50, chased the two offenders from his newsagents on Westbourne Avenue, in Hessle, after they stole a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of Baileys. He followed on foot before running back, locking up his store and jumping in his car as the youths made off into a nearby cemetery.

As he circled the perimeter of the graveyard, Mr Taylor spotted an officer in a marked patrol car and asked for his assistance but he was told to “Ring the police”..

Mr Taylor then called 999 and was assured patrols had been sent out.

However, it later transpired the Humberside officers in question, who were working from Peeler House police station, missed the radio call as they were celebrating a colleague’s retirement inside the station.

Mr Taylor claims he went to the station and was met with a car adorned with pink balloons and shouts and cheers coming from within the building. He rang the buzzer to attract the attention of an officer and was greeted by a PCSO. Mr Taylor asked what was being done about the theft from his shop, but the officer didn’t know about it.

The shopkeeper has since made an official complaint and said he has been told by an inspector that “mistakes have been made”.

A Humberside Police spokeswomen confirmed an investigation was being conducted by the Professional Standards Branch.

She said: “It is disappointing to hear that Mr Taylor feels he was given a poor service from Humberside Police”.

“Feels he was given poor service” he was given bad service!


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