Head-butting woman wins appeal.

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Law & Disorder

Head-butting assailant who said curfew wrecked her pregnancy wins appeal.

A law student who head-butted a pub landlady won an appeal against her curfew – after complaining it wrecked her pregnancy and birth experience.

IlieKirsty Sim, of Lewiston Road, Brimscombe, had her six-month curfew reduced to three months.

Gloucester Crown Court heard Sim had been convicted by magistrates of battery on Julie Zimmer, landlady of the Rose Inn in Paganhill Lane, Stroud, on May 24 last year.

As well as the 6pm-6am tagged curfew, the 22-year-old was fined £100 and ordered to pay £100 compensation to Ms Zimmer.

Lisa Hennessy, prosecuting, said Ms Zimmer asked Sim to leave the pub after a disturbance. Sim swore at her and pushed her before head-butting her.
Ms Zimmer made a statement saying it was the first and only time she had ever been assaulted in five years of running the Rose Inn.

She said: “As a result of this incident I am wary of new situations and unfamiliar customers, especially groups of females. I am still experiencing problems with the injury sustained to my nose and will be returning to a doctor as a result of this.”

Sim said the sentence was too harsh because it was her first offence. “The worry and stress of the case caused my waters to break at 29 weeks,” she said.

This led to worry about when her labour would start and even when she had the baby she was pestered by the security company monitoring her electronic tag, she added.

“The whole of my pregnancy experience was ruined. I had to be induced and I had the worry of someone from G4S (Group Four Security) checking on me every day. I was not left alone as I was assured I would be.
“I then had a warning letter when I got home to say I had broken my curfew even though they knew I was in hospital having a baby. I feel the worry was enough punishment for any mum.”

She said the curfew was affecting her ability to help support her family by getting an evening job. She had the chance of work experience with a firm of solicitors and wanted to be able to concentrate on her law degree studies and family, she added.

Recorder Howard Palmer QC, sitting with two magistrates, allowed the appeal.

He said the court felt the sentencing court could not have appreciated the harsh effect the curfew was going to have on Sim during her pregnancy and delivery.

He said the decision would mean her curfew ended next week as it was almost three months since it was imposed.

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