Burglar stole from funeral parlours.

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Law & Disorder

A burglar caught leaving a Cirencester funeral directors in possession of jewellery was handed a two-year sentence.

IlieLeon Symonds, 24, of Cricklade Road, Swindon, was caught red handed leaving Cowley and Son funeral director’s, in Victoria Road, in Cirencester, when police arrived on the scene, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

He had taken £1,298 in cash, cheques, several mobile phones and was found in possession of three rings, which he insisted were his own, the court was told.

Symonds admitted burglary of Cowley and Sons on March 12 and asked for seven other offences – two of them raids on funeral companies in Swindon – to be taken into consideration.

Recorder Jonathan Fuller QC jailed him for two years after telling him there had to be an immediate prison sentence for someone who had targeted funeral premises.

Prosecutor Anna Midgley said it was just before 11pm on March 12 that police had a 999 call about the Cirencester break-in. Officers arrived within minutes and saw a man running away. Moments later Symonds emerged from a rear ground floor window and tried to escape but was detained.

Asked about the money and other property found on him when he was searched, he said it came from ‘in there,’ indicating the funeral parlour.

He was in breach of an 18months conditional discharge imposed for a public order offence.


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