Father avoids prison because wife gets jailed.

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Law & Disorder

After breaching a suspended sentence, Karl Edwards, appeared at Gloucester Crown Court yesterday – just 24 hours after former partner Helen Edwards was jailed.

IlieWhen mum-of-six Helen, 32, was sentenced to 10 months on Monday for shoplifting, handling stolen goods and being in breach of a suspended sentence she pleaded with the judge to be able to take her baby into prison with her.

Karl Edwards, formerly of Brook Street, Gloucester, but now of Naunton Road, Coney Hill, was before the court for breaching a suspended sentence handed down in December for possession of stolen goods. He had been on the run but he appeared in court and told the judge he wanted to take care of his children while his ex-wife was in prison.

On his behalf, Steve Young told Judge William Hart his ex-wife had six children, including her new baby, and although there had been difficulties between them he wanted to return to live at her home to care for the family.

“He was living at Brook Street, Gloucester, when he was given the suspended sentence and supervision order, but he and his ex-wife were reconciled and he had returned to live at her home,” he said. “That was why he did not receive letters and notices of appointments from the probation service. He accepts that he should have contacted the probation service and that it was his duty to inform them of his change of address.”

Edwards acknowledged that this was not a satisfactory explanation for his conduct but asked that the suspended sentence was not activated.

Judge Hart said it would be unusual for him to activate a suspended sentence on the first breach. “I will adjourn your case for five weeks and if you comply with the order, I will not activate the sentence,” he said. “But I am far from persuaded that you are going to comply,” he told Edwards .


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