Job vacancies, only Indians need apply.

Posted: March 18, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

IlieFirm advertised £38,000-a-year job for someone ‘preferably of Indian origin’.

The advert, which appeared on, was placed on behalf of Torry Harris, a computer company based in Britain and India.

It stated: ‘Minimum six years of experience in IT . . . The person should be a UK citizen with security clearance from the UK Government. Preferably of Indian origin.’

The advert was removed last night as the Equality and Human Rights Commission launched an investigation.

The advert, for the Bristol-based post at technology company Torry Harris, was spotted by IT consultant Vince Silva of Chepstow, Gwent.

Recruitment agency McGregor-Boyall Associates said the advert had been placed in error.
Spokesman Farhaan Majid said: ‘This is a mistake. I put the advert through like this when I shouldn’t have done.’ said advert content was the responsibility of advertisers and it did not check listings before they were placed on the site. Pass the buck why don’t you!

  1. Anonn says:

    Where are all the human rights commisions when companies openly discriminate like this? If the ad read ‘British only’ then it would have created a huge row like Big Brother 2007, but the reverse is not true it seems. Even if this company did this in their own country, it would have been unfair. But to come to UK and recruit here saying Indians only is taking things to a whole new level!!!

  2. Naman S says:

    I think it is simply a matter of a dumb company which does not understand the repercussions of their actions. This kind of ignorance can cost the offshoring industry a lot in times where the economy is just about bouncing back

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