Illegal immigrant killed woman.

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IlieAn Indian illegal immigrant who carried out a “frenzied” knife attack on his ex-girlfriend after a campaign of harassment has been found guilty of murder.

Gemma Dorman, 24, was planning a new life in Spain when she was stabbed repeatedly outside a Thai restaurant by former lover Vikramgit Singh.

Miss Dorman had been having dinner with her fiance in Lavender Hill, south-west London, in July 2008, when she went out to get cash. Singh was waiting for her and attacked her at a bus shelter with a 7″ kitchen knife as she cried “get off me, get off me”.

Two months before the murder, Miss Dorman told police he was stalking her and bombarding her with hundreds of text messages. Her mother had also complained about him and Singh was spoken to by an officer.
I wonder when he was identified as an illegal immigrant, hopefully not at the time he was first spoken too otherwise this murder is the responsibility of the police.

Jurors heard he was “infatuated” with Miss Dorman and paid £200 to have a large heart-shaped tattoo with her name in it on his back. The 25-year-old, of Southall, claimed in court that he had given her cash totalling £260,000 as well as gifts including jewellery and computers.

How does an illegal immigrant accrue such wealth? The streets of London are truly paved with gold.

Singh said they had planned to set up home together and get married, only for her to dump him when he ran out of money. He said on the day of the murder he planned to ask her for half his money back but she responded by taunting him over his “small d**k”. He just happened to have a 7″ knife in his pocket did he? Singh admitted the stabbing but claimed he could not remember it. He denied murder, claiming provocation, diminished responsibility, and lack of intent.

But his defence was rejected by the jury, which found him guilty of murder by an 11-1 majority and he was jailed for life with a minimum term of 20 years. He now faces a life sentence. Someone didn’t think he was guilty, how strange.


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