New crime for motorists.

Posted: March 6, 2010 in BIG BROTHER, Broken Britain

IlieMotorists are being fined for parking with their engines running under a new eco-tax on drivers.

North Lincolnshire Council has told traffic wardens to issue £20 penalty notices to drivers who keep their engines on after pulling over – and the charge could double to £40 if it is not paid quickly. Then of course it’s ‘send in the bailiffs’ !

The new crime has been labelled as an attempt to reduce pollution from car exhausts, but it seems it’s just another way of raising easy money from motorists. How much fuel can an idling car use, it’s probably more polluting to stop and start an engine judging by how much smoke comes out of a car exhaust when it is restarted.

  1. Come the revolution this bunch of tossers must be candidates for ‘first up against the wall’

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