Corrupt councillor?

Posted: March 2, 2010 in Broken Britain

A city councillor lived rent-free in a flat for six years while using his position on planning committees to help his property developer landlord.

IlieEx Liberal Democrat deputy leader Roger Matthews owed £34,000 rent on a flat in Beltinge Road, Herne Bay, but was never chased up for the arrears..

Between May 2002 and July 2008 he was a member of Canterbury’s development control committee and the steering group overseeing the local plan. He actively promoted development schemes on behalf of Hollamby Estates, the development company run by his friend Julian Brearley, who just happened to be his landlord.

Matthews was a member of the city’s executive and had known Brearley’s family for a number of years. He spoke in favour of a number of projects including a plan to build a 50 room hotel on land owned by Herne Bay Golf Club, of which Brearly was a director, the plan was passed.

It was alleged that the reason the rent was waived was to keep Cllr Matthews onside so he could help out with planning applications favourable to Mr Brearley. All the time the arrears were growing but his landlord didn’t worry as each planning consent could net Hollamby estates millions of pounds.

  1. What happened to him? Another 6 years free lodgings with HMP would seem appropriate!

  2. Paul Cole says:

    Except of course that the jury found him NOT guilty and awarded him full costs. So basicaly everything you just wrote about the bloke amounts to libel. Innocent until proven guilty – only he wasn’t found guilty was he! Not even a majority verdict! 12 out of 12 listened to the evidence and found him not guilty. That’s NOT – as in NOT deciding someone is guilty on the basis of something you read in a newspaper. Doh!

  3. binky says:

    Stupid, stupid tossers, The jury must have been grabbed from off the street because they deffo didnt want anybody who could understand planning. Matthews was in property management himself at the time so he knew all about paying rent – the money owing waste of space.

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