Police say going to travellers camp too dangerous

Posted: February 25, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

Gloucestershire Police refuse to recover a stolen vehicle from a travellers’ camp because of the danger.

IlieChristopher Sims had his white van stolen from outside his house, but officers told him even though they had an idea who might have taken it they could not take any action as it would be ill-advised to visit the site because of the strong criminal element who lived there.

Mr Sims, 46, said: “They said they were sympathetic but couldn’t risk putting officers’ lives at risk. ‘They were saying they knew where the van could be but they weren’t prepared to go in and find it.”

Mr Sims, who used his van for his job as a market trader, said a female officer told him the 1995 Transit, worth around £1,000, was on a well-known travellers’ site, The Willows, near Gloucester.

Mr Sims of Cheltenham, added: “She told me it is a very dangerous and volatile place for the police to go. She said they would have to mount a huge operation with armed officers, dogs and helicopters and it would never be authorised by senior officers for the sake of a van worth £1,000.”

IlieMr Sims said he had helped Gloucestershire Police following the theft from his home because shortly before it was stolen he was visited several times by ‘shifty looking’ strangers who said they wanted to buy it for spare parts.

On the second occasion, he said, he noted down the registration number of their vehicle. “One guy was right in my face waving a wad of cash and saying they wanted my van for spare parts,” said Mr Sims. “He said they particularly wanted the gearbox and engine for a vehicle of theirs.”

When his van disappeared earlier this month he told police about his visitors and provided them with the details. The next evening two officers came to his house.

He recalled: “They sat me down and told me they have checked out the registration number and it is registered to someone known to the police. “But they say they can’t go there without organising a proper operation. They said it was dangerous.”

The police have since visited the site but the van was not there.

  1. It would seem that the cheaper option for the police would be to buy this man a new van! Fat chance of that happening! The bottom line to this is that if you are nasty enough and have enough nasty friends , then you are above the law!!!!!

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