EU says give Somali woman council house…..

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Broken Britain

Ilie………..welcome to the lunatic asylum called Britain!

EU says Somali woman separated from her Danish citizen husband must be given a council house in UK.

A verdict in Luxembourg said parents caring for the children of migrant workers, and resident in EU countries are covered under EU rules on freedom of movement – including those who cannot support themselves.

Nimco Hassan Ibrahim, who has four children, was told she must be given a council house because she was once married to a Danish citizen who briefly worked in Britain.

In fact her husband, named as ‘Mr Yusuf’ worked in the UK for only 5 months then claimed incapacity benefit, but after being declared fit for work in March 2004 he left the country leaving the taxpayer to support Ms Ibrahim and her children. Has anyone actually seen the wedding certificate?

Ms Ibrahim had arrived in the UK in 2003 to join her husband. The couple have four children of Danish nationality, the fourth of whom was born in the UK. Two are in UK state schools.

Her application for housing assistance for herself and her children was rejected on the ground that only people with a right of residence under EU law could apply, and neither she nor Mr Yusuf were by then considered resident in the UK under EU law.

IlieEU rules say that members of the family of a migrant worker who is a national of one EU country and employed in another have residency rights with that worker, whatever their nationality – a right that continues even if the migrant worker no longer lives or works there.

Harrow Council, the local authority who pulled the short straw, now have to find a council house for this woman, describe the verdict as a potential “floodgates judgment” opening the way for state support for people who had put nothing into the country.

Councillor Barry Macleod-Cullinane said: “We are now seeing a European Court determining British immigration policy. We are very concerned with this outcome, as it appears to establish a major new legal precedent over benefit claims. “Harrow Council is studying the full implications of the ruling, but it could well prove to be a floodgates judgment in that people who have not yet contributed to this country or who do not have the means to sustain themselves can now seek immediate help from state welfare services.”

  1. Mr Commonsense says:

    If they were not born in Denmark they shouldn’t be classed as EU citizens.

  2. This is totally absurd, and is yet another good reason why the Uk should leave the EU

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