Woman robbed 85 yr old terminally ill man.

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Law & Disorder

IliePensioner Edwin Stout, known locally as ‘gentle giant’, was pushed to the floor and left with a bloody nose and bruises to his elbow and leg by Adele Carney and her boyfriend Dale Wheat. The pair left the great-granddad’s Windermere Avenue home in Orford, escaping with £600 cash.

Edwin Stout died five months after the brutal attack.

The woman masqueraded as a Golden Gates Housing employee to steal from a terminally ill war veteran.

Mr Stout, aged 85 at the time of the attack, was suffering from prostate and lung cancer and died in April 2008, with the crime still unsolved.

IlieCarney’s fingerprint was linked to the crime when she was arrested over a domestic incident later that year.

Kate Meredith-Jones, prosecuting the 21-year-old, of Evelyn Street, Sankey Bridges, said: “Carney had housing documents and said she was from the council, she asked to come into his home. “Mr Stout said she had a book in her arm and he thought she was the book lady.”

Mr Stout reported a man walking outside before knocking on the front door. “Mr Stout said her accomplice came in, hit him and took his money. He said he was on the floor, they were demanding money, took it, then left,” added Miss Meredith-Jones.

IlieWhen questioned, Carney was said to be ‘manipulative’, denying any knowledge of the robbery and claiming the frail man assaulted her.

But Chester Crown Court heard on Tuesday how she later confessed to her role in the incident, saying she was with her boyfriend Wheat, who persuaded her to commit the crime.

She admitted pushing Mr Stout to the floor.

Miss Meredith-Jones said: “After the incident the family described that Mr Stout had gone downhill rapidly. He was no longer his usual self, he would not have conversations or leave his home. He was very frightened about going out.”

Carney, who cried throughout the proceedings, was given a four-year prison sentence.

Following the case Julie Drabble, Mr Stout’s granddaughter, from Preston Brook, said her grandfather, who served in the RAF during the Second World War could now rest in peace. She added: “He would give his family everything he had. When we were young he would make everything for his grandchildren including Barbie wardrobes for the dolls’ clothes and he was always making things from Blue Peter. He was not the same after the robbery. He would sit in his chair and lock himself inside.”

Wheat, is currently on police bail but has not been charged in connection with the case.


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