Bins not emptied for 9 weeks.

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Broken Britain

IlieSo much for draconian rules and regulations concerning recycling rubbish.

Councils are quick to issue fines for not putting the right bins out on the allocated day, or rubbish put in the wrong bins.
Councils will even not empty bins because the lid is fractionally open.

When it suits local councils though it’s alright to leave bins not emptied for 9 weeks!

Mr Chris Cooling, 63, is one of the residents in Minnis Bay Road, Birchington, Kent with Christmas wrapping paper and newspapers from last year overflowing from the blue-lid bins. Some of them not been collected since December 17.

The dustmen’s Christmas holiday was followed by the chaos caused by the New Year snow flurries – so no rubbish trucks were seen in the street in January.

Thanet council sent a rubbish truck out this February but because they chose a Wednesday instead of the Thursday collection day virtually no one put their bins out. Remember fines can be issued for leaving bins out on a non collection day too.

The street was due for its first Thursday collection in nine weeks, but when snow fell again Thanet council cancelled collections over safety fears and the bins were left untouched.

Mr Cooling, 63, said: “They cancelled it on Thursday morning when the roads were bad, but by the afternoon you could drive around easily. “I was so sick of it I decided to drive up to the dump myself, but that was closed as well.”


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