Song ‘My Way’ banned in Philippines

Posted: February 10, 2010 in General

Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” has been banned from many bars across the Philippines after at least six people were killed in the last decade while performing karaoke renditions of the song.

The “My Way killings”, as they are known, have led to many bars in the karaoke-obsessed country removing the song from their playlists amid fears of violence. Bar owners believe the number of deaths could be fuelled by what some perceive as “arrogance” in the lyrics of the song.

It is one of the most popular karaoke tunes in the Philippines which also has a more than one million illegally carried guns. Most of the killings are reported to have happened after the singer sang out of tune and crowds jeered.

In one fatal case Romy Baligula, 29, was shot dead in the city of San Mateoin 2007. He was halfway through My Way when a security guard shouted that he was out of tune. He carried on regardless and the guard shot him in the chest with a revolver.

Manila resident Alisa Escanlar recalled an incident where her uncle, a police officer, was listening to a friend sing My Way, apparently the most remade song in history, at a local bar. When someone at another table began to laugh, Escanlar’s uncle drew his revolver. The people fled, she explained – but Escanlar and her relatives have now banned the Sinatra song from their karaoke parties.


In December 2007, Cllr Ken Bamber (Con) told an ‘Irish’ joke during a break in a meeting to discuss an appeal against dismissal. Union official Brian Kelly took offence at the use of the word “Paddy” and filed an official complaint.

Now agreement has finally been reached between the two and Medway Council has agreed to pay compensation to Mr Kelly, who was its full-time Unison official.

IlieCllr Bamber was chairing the appeal hearing when the joke was told during a break in proceedings. The Irish-born union representative said he considered “Paddy” was an offensive word and racist in intent.

Cllr Bamber scribbled a note saying he apologised, but it was alleged he would not sign it or say for what he was apologising. Oh, boo hoo!

Mr Kelly formally complained and the committee began investigating, but had to adjourn the case while it went before the employment tribunal and legal experts. Neither man was present to hear the committee discussions.

Mr Kelly, who left the council when his job was made redundant during the period of the investigation, was not contactable. He has received a discrimination payment from Cllr Bamber as well as the council’s payout, or as we know it taxpayers’ money!

The joke:

“A man walked into a Dublin bar and saw a friend sitting with an empy glass. ‘Paddy can I buy you another’, he asked, to which Paddy replied – ‘now what would I be wanting with another empty glass?'”


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