Arsonist gets away with it!

Posted: February 6, 2010 in Broken Britain, Law & Disorder

A cafe owner who burned out his rival’s burger van was not even given a fine when he was sentenced last Tuesday.

The arsonist, David Barclay, said he was “pleased” with the decision, while his victim, Linda Cunningham, has been left with no justice.

IlieBarclay was caught red-handed burning down Linda’s snack van, causing around £10,000 of damage.

Barclay, 63, could have faced up to 12 months in prison for destroying Souper Snax on Dumbarton Road, Dalmuir but he was not jailed, fined or even ordered to pay his victim compensation. Instead he was ordered to carry out 180 hours of community service.

Sheriff Graham Johnston turned down a request by the Crown to have Barclay pay damages to Souper Snax owner, Linda Cunningham.

Barclay, who runs Dave’s Place in Dalmuir, set fire to the van at 4am on January 5 and was arrested at the scene – he pleaded guilty to wilful fireraising the following day.

Linda, 55, said she is “very disappointed” by the sentencing as she has had to kit out a new van with her own money, and feels the dangerous way in which Barclay acted was not fully appreciated by the sheriff.


A village police officer has been arrested and suspended after allegedly falsely claiming she had been beaten unconscious.

Pc Fran Croucher, who has been policing in Eynsford and in Well Hill since June last year, is being investigated over an incident which sparked a police investigation on January 14.

A witness appeal was launched after she said she had been attacked and kicked by two occupants of a blue Ford Transit van during a routine stop-check.

The van, which Pc Croucher reportedly ordered to pull over in Crockenhill Road, Swanley, had its rear numberplate missing. After the assault, the attackers were said to have got back into the van and driven off in the direction of Bromley.

Police said Pc Croucher had been found unconscious on the ground by colleagues and taken to hospital, but was later discharged with cuts and bruises.

An investigation was launched into what the police described as an “unprovoked and vicious” attack, which included a televised appeal by Kent Police’s Ch Insp David Cooper.

But Pc Croucher, who is married to a policeman and has a young daughter, has since been interviewed over the incident and arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office.


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