Police drove by leaving man to die.

Posted: February 1, 2010 in Broken Britain

Police failed to stop and help a man they saw staggering along a motorway – who was then hit and killed.

IlieLee Fairbrother, 26, who had consumed a cocktail of drugs and alcohol, was spotted by two officers on the M57 near Aintree in Merseyside in July 2007. They decided not to stop because they had not been trained to deal with motorway incidents.

Since when do you need to be trained to pull over and put someone in the back of a car?

The inquest heard that, after spotting Mr Fairbrother stumbling down the embankment of the southbound M57, the officers asked for a motorway patrol to be sent out. Regulations prevented them from coming to his aid, the inquest was told.

But Coroner Christopher Sumner heard that the officer reporting the matter gave inaccurate information – saying Mr Fairbrother was near junction 1 when he was actually 14 miles away, near junction 7.

The operator then downgraded the response to the call as a Grade 4, which was then relayed to the Highways Agency in Newton-le-Willows – 15 miles away. However Agency drivers are not allowed to exceed the speed limit and a vehicle arrived 40 minutes after the first call to the police but by then Mr Fairbrother had been hit by two cars and was dead.

Mr Sumner said: “This detour inevitably led to a delay in the patrol attending at the scene of the incident”.


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