Polish doctor had fake CV.

Posted: January 26, 2010 in British jobs for British workers

An accomplished organist will never be able to play music again after a Polish doctor bungled a hand operation she was not qualified to do.

IlieDr Barbara Czaslawska, 39, damaged the 61 year-old patient’s hand, cutting a nerve after trying to repair his little finger. She also damaged two arteries before trying to cover up the mistake with the wrong type of stitching.

Dr Czaslawska got a job at the Greater Manchester Surgical Centre in Urmston, Lancs with a fake CV.

The musician, referred to as patient A, suffered “significant disability” while his finger was left at a permanent 90 degree angle. Daryl Allen, counsel for the GMC, said that even when the patient, a “keen and accomplished organist”, began to suffer complications, the doctor denied her mistakes or that she had even attempted to repair it.

The GMC was told the patient is now facing having the finger amputated and has been unable to play the organ since.

Dr Czaslawska who qualified as a doctor or “Lekarz*” in 1994 at Katowice, Southern Poland before earning a diploma in 2001 as a specialist in orthopaedics and trauma, initially got a job at the privately run Parkway Hospital in Sollihull.



Physician, a professional title in medicine (granted to graduates of academies of medicine), equivalent of magister,* granted after 6 years of education. Submission of a thesis is not required. Their holders may continue academic career for the degree of doctor.


Second professional title of academic education (humanities, science, social sciences, economics, theological sciences, physical education and tourism, medical sciences except for medicine and dentistry), may be conferred upon successful completion of 5 years uniform magister studies or after two years of complementary studies, for holders of first professional title. Submission of a thesis is required. Their holders may continue academic career for obtaining the doctor degree.

She then applied for a job with Netcare a South African health care company, with contracts in Britain via its UK subsidiary Netcare UK, saying she had eight years of experience dealing with tendon repairs and was sent to work at the privately run centre.

The musician had been suffering from Dupytrens disease for three years, a condition which prevented his hand from extending properly and also cause the fingers to curl inwards.

He was referred to the hospital, which also takes NHS referrals, in June 2008 for corrective surgery when his little finger on his left hand was causing problems.

Dr Czaslawska failed to advise her patient of surgery’s risks and complications while also failing to get written consent that any potential problems were understood.

The hearing was told that she should have isolated the nerve but, instead cut into it before attempting to stitch up the damage.

She did not record the mistakes in Patient A’s medical notes and failed to mention the errors again when she later referred him to Wythenshawe Hospital.


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