More madness from the lunatic asylum……….

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Broken Britain

…called Britain!


The Institute of Advanced Motoring want old people banned from motorways and busy dual carriageways to prevent accidents.

Let’s see now, presumably police will have to pull over any grey haired motorist on the motorway to check whether the driver is breaking the law because they are over the age limit.
What about an old driver who suddenly comes across a dual carriageway, does he slam on his brakes, do a U turn and look for another route to where he is going?

Government ministers want professions such as medicine and law to stop recruiting entrants from private education and recruit from state schools instead.

Who wants a lawyer or surgeon who can’t read or write properly?

Dr Shyam Kolvekar, a heart surgeon, wants butter banned to save thousands from heart disease.

How many dairy farmers will go out of business?
What about people who don’t like margarine?
How come cigarettes and alcohol aren’t banned?

Northern Rock, the State-owned bank, is pouring £10million of taxpayers’ money into Newcastle United football club.

Shouldn’t that money be used to refund taxpayers?


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