The polluting police.

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Environment, Law & Disorder

I had this interesting item arrive on my puppet police station desk today.

Hi Percy,
I was waiting for a bus last Friday when this police car pulled up and parked next the bus stop on a yellow line of course. Four coppers were inside, real ones, not the plastic ones. They sat there for about ten minutes, engine running (don’t want them get cold, do we?) blowing exhaust fumes over waiting passengers. Then two of ’em got out, they only looked about 14 years old and went into the local post office. They emerged with four mugs of hot drink, coffee/tea, who knows. So they sat there for another twenty minutes, finished their drinks and took the mugs back into the post office. As my bus pulled up I took this pic. What a complete waste of my (taxpayers) money.

Woking Police (Surrey Constabulary)



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