Foreigners let off rail penalty fines.

Posted: December 6, 2009 in Broken Britain

In continuation of Labour government’s policy to extort more money off the public, ministers plan to more than double the fines for people who travel without a valid ticket.

However under current regulations there is a little known clause allowing ticket inspectors to waive the rules for passengers who do not fully understand the ticketing system because they are visiting from abroad or speak poor English. Does that clause include all the school leavers who leave school with a poor grasp of English too?

IlieForeigners may escape the penalties, which are due to rise from £20 to £50, or double the cost of a single ticket if it is greater. The discretionary policy is recommended for train operators despite another rule which requires them to produce leaflets and display signs about fares in other languages in “areas where a large number of people do not speak English as their first language.” Which must surely cover all our cities

Under the current rules, issued in 2002, train operators are told: “Authorised collectors must be given the discretion not to charge a penalty fare in a particular instance, even where the passenger is liable to pay a penalty fare under the Penalty Fares Rules.” Those who should be shown discretion include passengers who “are a foreign visitor who lives abroad” or “do not speak English very well”.

  1. ooh , wat, innit = free ride?

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