Another Latvian killer?

Posted: November 28, 2009 in Law & Disorder

A few weeks ago in Margate a Latvian migrant worker killed a fellow Latvian.
IlieThis week, fifteen miles or so away, detectives found a dead woman, named locally as Loretta Ralipys, who is believed to be from Latvia, when they visited the address of a man who had earlier been shot during an armed stand-off in Canterbury, Kent.

The man, who neighbours said was also from Latvia, was hit in the arm after brandishing a ball bearing gun at shoppers in a branch of Morrison’s Supermarket.

He was taken to hospital in Canterbury for treatment to a bullet wound, but his injuries were not thought to be life threatening.

The man was arrested and detectives are expected to question him in connection with the woman’s death, which they confirmed they are treating as suspicious.

The body was found in a first floor flat in Victoria Road in the Wincheap area of Canterbury in the early hours of Friday morning.

Several hours earlier the gunman, named by neighbours as Thomas, was spotted wandering along a main road carrying a handgun.

So, who is responsible for letting in these killers from Latvia?

  1. The police seem to normally shoot to kill——back to training school for this officer!

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