Burglar who stabbed policeman now on day release.

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Law & Disorder

A violent burglar who stabbed a policeman with a crowbar has been let out of jail on day release.

IlieMark Cavan Connolly, of Coventry, was given eight years in 2007 for the attack.

Last Friday, while on day release, he turned up at Warwick Crown Court to try to get his driving licence back. As well as the jail sentence, Connolly was banned from driving for four years after he admitted being carried in a stolen car.

On Friday he appealed for the early restoration of his driving licence, having been granted day release from the prison.

Connolly was convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm on Bedworth PC Peter Doherty with intent to resist arrest.

The 25-year-old, formerly of Henley Mill Lane, Henley Green, was told that he would serve half his sentence in jail before being freed on licence.

When Connolly turned up at the court by himself on Friday Judge Robert Orme commented: “I don’t know what is going on with the prison service. “A man gets eight years in 2007, and here he is on day release in 2009.”The judge suggested the case should be dealt with by the judge who had originally sentenced Connolly and imposed the ban.”

The judge told Connolly, who was representing himself: “Either I hear the appeal, in which case your prospects are not good, or it goes to the sentencing judge to deal with.”

Connolly said he would take the second option, the case was adjourned, and he left the court to return to prison to continue serving his sentence.

When Connolly was jailed the court heard he was one of a gang who staged a sophisticated break-in at the Premier Stores in Mount Pleasant Road, Bedworth, late one night in August 2006. While the driver stayed in the stolen get-away car, the other four attacked the store – and piled £4,000 worth of cigarettes on to a duvet.

Neighbours called the police and PC Doherty was one of the first officers to arrive as the burglars fled to the car, a Lexus. The officer tried to stop the car, but the driver sped away, then turned and deliberately drove at him. He threw himself to one side to escape injury.

The court heard Connolly threw the crowbar like a spear at PC Doherty.

The crowbar penetrated eight inches into his body and into the abdominal cavity where it ruptured his bowel.

  1. This sounds about par for the course—-it would appear that even the judge was quite surprised.
    Tony Blair talked about the causes of crime—poor chap never did realise that the cause is quite simply the lack of a proper deterrent!

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