Do-gooders save thief from deportation.

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Broken Britain

A thief due to be deported has been saved by do-gooders.

IliePatrick Kingonzila has been saved from deportation at the eleventh hour, after he was due to be flown home today (Monday).

The Home Office has agreed to suspend sending him home on human rights grounds. If his sentence said he was to be deported after release why should human right issues come into play. UK Border Agency spokesman explained: “Mr Kingonzila’s representatives have submitted further representations. “His deportation has been suspended while we consider those representations.”

Patrick Kingonzila appears to have been saved because his younger brother Oliver, 19, was murdered outside a South Croydon nightclub in what appears to be a gang related killing while older brother Herve, 27, collapsed and died while playing football.

Croydon Central MP Andrew Pelling (Ind) said: “I have been happy to support the Kingonzila family at a difficult time, and I hope justice prevails and the rigour of the law is applied in this distressing case. “As a Christian I feel compassion for the Kingonzila family who have gone through too many tragedies already to lose a third son.”

On his website Mr Pelling ask for more police in Croydon

“I have consistently called for more police for the Borough. Croydon does not get its fair share of police officers from the Met to deal with the high number of murders and the size of our night time economy.”

Presumably this is to combat the criminals re-offending who should nave been deported but for do-gooders such as Mr Pelling.

Patrick, whose family lived in West Croydon at the time of Oliver’s death but have now moved to Thornton Heath, is facing deportation because of a conviction for burglary.


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