Carer assaulted Downs Syndrome man.

Posted: November 14, 2009 in NHS WATCH

A carer assaulted Downs Syndrome man she was supposed to be looking after.

IlieAnita Plunkett was employed to care for the man but instead lost patience with him, dragging him out of a car and pushing him over.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how other carers had raised concerns about Plunkett’s behaviour towards the disabled man, claiming she had belched in his face and put obstacles in his way as he walked.

The victim, in his 20s, suffers from Downs Syndrome, a heart defect, severe learning difficulties, struggles to walk and has limited vision.

But on a day trip from the Gateshead residential home where she worked, Plunkett ‘pulled him aggressively’ from a car then pushed him over and told him to ‘hurry up’.
She admitted common assault on the disabled man and has now been sacked.

After the two assaults in October last year Plunkett was arrested and originally charged with neglect. However, her guilty pleas to common assault were accepted and Judge Evans said he sentenced her to a two-year conditional discharge plus £250 costs on the basis they were isolated incidents.


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