Mother who exposed violent attacker gets caution.

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Broken Britain

A young mother who exposed the man who attacked her and her baby daughter online before he had been convicted of the attack has been given a caution by police for harrassment.

IlieThe woman and her daughter were the victims of a terrifying 12-hour ordeal when Neil Keany, 27, kept them prisoner in their home. The thug inflicted 30 injuries on the tot and 16 on her mother.

Fuelled by crack cocaine, Keany threw the baby against a wall and tore clumps of her hair out, leaving her traumatised and screaming in terror.

But when the mother formed a Facebook group branding Keany a child abuser she was cautioned by police for posting “offensive, abusive or menacing material”.

Following the attack Keany was arrested and initially charged with attempted murder although that charge was not pursued when he pleaded guilty to child cruelty, assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH), false imprisonment, and intimidation at Preston Crown Court in October.

However, in the time between the attack and Keany’s guilty plea, the drug addict told friends and family that the young mother had attacked her own child, hitting her and pulling her hair.

He repeated the allegations to police officers who arrested him, saying, “she’s been up all night and done that to her baby because it’s crying and now she’s putting it on my toes.”

In a bid to clear her name, the mother set up the Facebook group.

Typical Britain law and order, criminals can get away with anything whilst Joe public is criminalised.

Keany has been jailed indefinitely.


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