£20 fine for sex attack.

Posted: November 13, 2009 in Broken Britain

Migrant worker who sexually assaulted 13 year-old gets £20 fine.

IlieRulanas Kochanauskas, 31, pounced on the youngster as she walked home across a footpath and groped her breasts.

The teenager ran home in tears and alerted her 40-year-old father. With the help of his daughter he tracked down Kochanauskas to a shopping centre, got him in a head lock and called police.

The migrant, thought to be Lithuanian, initially denied the assault but later admitted a charge of indecently touching a girl aged 13 in a sexual way without her consent.

An interpreter had to be hired when he appeared in court in Ludlow, Shrops. Are you telling me we’ve let a migrant in and we don’t even know what nationality he is, unbelievable!

Magistrates fined him £20 and ordered him to pay his victim £80 compensation. The girl’s dad was furious when next day he was given a £50 ticket for parking “inappropriately” at a supermarket.

The dad, who cannot be named to safeguard his daughter’s identity, said: “It’s a disgrace. I thought the least he’d get was a suspended sentence. It cost the court hundreds of pounds for an interpreter.” Which of course is paid by the taxpayer.


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