Illegals found in Vodka lorry.

Posted: November 11, 2009 in British jobs for British workers

Three illegal immigrants found hiding inside a lorry load of vodka.

IlieThe lorry, on its way to its drop-off point in Nottingham, was stopped by UKBA officers based in Calais where three men of Iranian descent were prevented from entering the UK from the French port. UKBA officials made inspections of the vehicle after discovering that one of the truck’s tilt cords had been sliced in had been put back together with superglue and a needle.

Hi-tech carbon dioxide equipment used to detect the presence of living forms was then used to make the discovery of the three hideaways. The vodka was allowed to continue on its onward journey to Nottingham after the stowaways were removed.

The three were consequently photographed, fingerprinted and refused entry into Britain. All three were handed over to French authorities, who as we all know will release them to try again.


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