Crazy world of Britain’s Law and Disorder.

Posted: November 10, 2009 in Law & Disorder

More than four out of 10 fines imposed on companies for hiring illegal workers remain unpaid.

IlieOf the 3,164 illegal labour penalties handed out to firms by the UK Border Agency over the past 18-months, 1,301 have yet to be collected.
About £6.5m in fines are believed to be outstanding, while the average fine imposed on guilty employers was £5,000, half the maximum penalty.
A commonsense policy would be to offer businesses a chance to get off with half of fine if it’s paid within a fortnight then if fine isn’t paid within a month after this date shut the business down until it’s paid in full!

A wanted man whose photo was distributed by police has taunted them — by sending a local newspaper a new photo of him standing NEXT to a POLICE VAN.

IliePolice want to talk to Matthew Maynard about a burglary at Brynsifi Terrace, Mount Pleasant, back in September. They issued a mugshot of him, along with seven other suspects as part of a major swoop which saw more than 80 arrests in 48 hours.
Twenty-three-year-old Maynard responded with his own photo that he sent from his mobile.

Plans for new faith-based prison.

IlieThose behind the proposal say a prison is needed in the county because sending locals to jails outside of Cornwall can strain inmates’ family relationships. A Christian organisation is looking at the feasibility of building a faith-based private jail, run on Christian ethics, to help rehabilitate inmates. Let’s hope they don’ t turn the other cheek and let all the prisoners go!

The leaders of Carpenters House project are now raising funds to provide a prison feasibility study and will then lodge their proposal with the government. If the proposal receives government backing, the next step would be to identify a suitable site in Cornwall and then build the £50m jail.

The project would see a voluntary in-house training course run in the jail for inmates which would be based on the Bible and 10 Commandments. It would be spearheaded by the Kainos Community, a faith-based charity which has operated its Challenge to Change programme in jails for more than a decade.

A couple who displayed a vandal’s name on the shop window he smashed were told by police to remove it.

IlieDennis and Christine Lusby wrote, Damage Done by Ben Hill, on the boarded-up window of their village store in St Breward, Cornwall. Hill, 20, of no fixed abode, was jailed last week for offences including breaking the window.

Police said the sign should be removed in case it “inflamed” the situation. Hill, 20, caused a total of £3,000 damage last month when he attacked cars, homes, farm buildings and a football club.

He also admitted possession of an offensive weapon, a knife, and asked for two other charges taken into consideration, when he appeared before magistrates in Bodmin. He was in breach of a suspended sentence previously imposed for theft and criminal damage. Hill was jailed for 74 days.

Devon and Cornwall Police said that a neighbourhood beat officer had advised the Lusbys to remove the sign.

Prison inmates ‘had £3,500 takeaway treat’

A damming report has been released into a high-security jail in Cambridgeshire housing some of Britain’s most dangerous prisoners.

IlieThe annual report to the Ministry of Justice by the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) for the period June 2008 to May 2009 expressed “grave concerns” about HMP Whitemoor.

The report comes following an inquiry after £3,500 was spent on takeaway curries for inmates.

The Ministry of Justice said the amount spent on 200 meals for prisoners and staff at Whitemoor jail was “not acceptable”. It is understood that staff ordered takeaways after Muslim prisoners celebrating the end of the Ramadan month of fasting complained about the quality of prison food.

Father shot up ex-wife’s home.

A father who fired a gun at his ex-wife’s house knowing their five-year-old daughter was inside has avoided jail. So much for tackling gun crime.

IlieShane Stevens, 38, fired a pistol towards Stephanie Stevens’ home and shattered her kitchen window with a bullet. Well he has been named after a Wild West film character.

At the time of the incident on June 17, Mrs Stevens’ 18-year-old son and their young daughter were in the property. Stevens, who was on bail at the time for assaulting his own mother, had discovered his ex-wife and the family were living in Haddenham.

Having pleaded guilty to possessing a firearms and criminal damage before Ely magistrates back in August, Stevens was sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday.

When police searched his home a further three firearms were seized. Gregory Perrins, mitigating, said his client possessed pistols purely for target practice. Yes, shooting at people’s houses.

Stevens, who had been in custody for seven weeks, was handed a nine month prison sentence, suspended for two years.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth also slapped two prohibited activity requirements on him. They ban him from contacting his ex-wife without the approval of social services, the courts or probation and ban him from buying or owning any kind of gun for the next two years. Shouldn’t that read ‘rest of his life’? He’s got a record of violence and has mental health issues.

Stevens will also be under supervision for the next 18 months and will be referred to a mental health team.


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