Shoplifting Pc and paedophile PCSO.

Posted: November 8, 2009 in Law & Disorder

A police officer who was meant to stop Bristol shop-lifters stole two computer games and ruined his career.

IliePeter Cokell was permanently stationed at The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, had an unblemished record as a PC, yet he was caught on CCTV in HMV committing the crime he had spent six years trying to stamp out.

The 34-year-old, from Wick, South Gloucestershire, was found guilty of theft by District Judge David Parsons after a three-day trial. Cokell picked PlayStation 3 games Call of Duty: World at War and Kill Zone 2 and hid them under his kevlar body armour before smuggling them out of the store on April 7.

At about 8.40pm that night, 20 minutes before the store was due to close, HMV’s loss prevention officer at the time, Gary Sutton, noticed the officer browsing. As he had known Cokell professionally for several years, he recognised him straight away. But he appeared to be acting “suspiciously”, looking up at a dome CCTV camera, so Mr Sutton continued to monitor him.

The footage, shown at Frome Magistrates on the final day of the trial, showed Cokell carry the two games in his police hat to a redundant Virgin Media desk at the back of the store. He talked briefly to a security guard before apparently hiding the games – worth £74.98 – and walking out through the store’s security barriers without the alarms going off.

After checking the desk for the games, Mr Sutton went to The Mall’s police post to speak to Cokell.

“I then asked him where the games were, the two he had selected in the store,” Mr Sutton told the court. “At first he replied he did not have them and that they were still in the store. “I replied that I had seen him on CCTV and that I needed the games back. At this point, he was leaning on the edge of a chair and he informed me that he had the games but could not get hold of them due to where they were now being locked up.”

The court heard Cokell offered to return them two days later, but he later denied this in court. Mr Sutton also claimed Mr Cokell promised not to tell anyone if something similar happened to him.

Cokell denied the allegations throughout, but District Judge David Parsons was convinced he was guilty. Cokell, who was supported throughout the trial by his wife, will be sentenced on November 27.


A police community support officer who groomed a 15-year-old girl, hoping to get sex, was jailed for 15 months.

A court heard Kevin Smith’s behaviour only came to light after her father asked a policeman to have a word with her after she had gone missing.

Merseyside police sent two PCSOs round, including Smith, and the schoolgirl was horrified to find him sitting in her lounge. When her father later quizzed her about dozens of text messages on her phone from “Kev”, she confessed that they were from Smith.

Smith, 25, denied knowing she was 15 and he faced a trial after denying a charge of meeting a child following sexual grooming. But, during that, forensic scientists agreed to try to retrieve deleted text messages.

A computer programme had to be specially written, leading to some texts being retrieved in which she repeatedly told him she was only 15. He consequently changed his plea to guilty and sentence was adjourned until yesterday.

Liverpool crown court heard the 70- plus texts he had sent included telling her she was sexy, and “I reckon I will make you want more”. She repeatedly asked him if he just wanted to meet her for sex, and eventually he replied “maybe, yes”.

But Smith maintained he had not intended to have sexual intercourse with her, and thought when they met he might just put his arm around her and kiss her.

Judge Mark Brown firmly rejected his claims. He said: “He told lie after lie in the course of these proceedings, and I am satisfied he lied because he sought to cover up his actions from start to finish.”Jailing Smith, the judge said, “It was your duty to uphold the law and set a good example to other citizens. The main dimension of seriousness was your intention to abuse your position as a PCSO to impress and cause her to be attracted to you, to be attracted to you so when you went to meet, it was your hope sexual intercourse would occur.”

Smith, of Delamere Avenue, Eastham, who had hoped to become a policeman, looked shocked as he was jailed.

He was also ordered to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for 10 years and was made the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

  1. controlware says:

    The shop lifting PC is unbelievable. He even looks at the cameras. As someone who works in the CCTV industry though it is a good bit of PR for the instore CCTV system.

  2. controlware says:

    That will be the case for the defence! Have you ecver thought about the law as a career?

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