Second time factory caught with illegal workers.

Posted: November 7, 2009 in British jobs for British workers

Thirty officers from the UK Border Agency raided the Gafoor Poultry factory on Fletcher Road in Deepdale – just 12 months after other illegal immigrants were discovered working there.

IlieThe factory faces fines of up to £60,000 after two Indians aged 24 and 32, three Afghans, aged 23, two aged 25 and a 25-year-old Pakistani were arrested.

Five of them have been detained in custody and another released on bail for offences including overstaying visas, breaching visa terms and illegally entering the country.

The immigration team entered the factory at around 10am on Thursday. There were chaotic scenes as production was halted and workers in bloodstained uniforms made their way upstairs.

Officials, who donned protective suits and footwear, made workers assemble in an upstairs room used for quality control. Each worker that did not have ID with them had to undergo fingerprint scans to link them to a database to check if they were here legally.


Immigration officer Steve Lynch said: “We dealt with people as quickly as we could so they could get back to work. We try to work with the factory as much as possible. “The logistics of an operation at a place like this is difficult. Health and safety comes first. We have to consider entrails and excrement on the floor, machinery and knives. “That’s why there are 30 officers involved in the operation. “People probably look at immigrants being sent home and think they haven’t done any harm. But it’s not just about sending them home, it’s also about stopping them being exploited. “They will often work for cash in hand, a low wage, not paying tax or national insurance and won’t be insured if they have an accident.
“The other aspect in this economic climate is the impact on the local economy, you could argue local people could be doing these jobs.”

The owners of Gafoor, a Halal chicken processing plant which employs around 60 people, face fresh fines – at a time when they are fighting other fines connected to a similar raid 12 months ago.

Just a year ago 26 men and a woman, all aged between 18 and 45, were arrested after 38 officers raided the site.


Nine illegal immigrants from Vietnam and Iran were discovered in the back of a lorry parked at the side of the A5 near Nuneaton.

The eight men and one woman were found inside an HGV vehicle at the side of the A5 close to Caldecote, near Nuneaton, on Monday afternoon.Warwickshire Police were contacted by the lorry driver shortly after 3.15pm.

Officers, in turn, passed the buck to the UK Border Agency.

The stowaways were arrested and taken into custody, and were moved to Nuneaton, Rugby and Leamington police stations.

Those under 18 have since been taken into the care of social services, while the remaining people were transferred to a UK Border Agency centre on Tuesday. Why are 17 year-old illegals classified as children, that means the government is sending British children to fight in Afghanistan dressed in army uniforms.

It is not yet clear how or where the stowaways got inside the vehicle, which had been driven from the Czech Republic into the UK.

Gail Adams, UK Border Agency regional director, said: “We can confirm that nine individuals, suspected of illegally entering the UK in a lorry, were arrested in Warwickshire on Monday before being transferred to a specialist team of UK Border Agency officers.


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