Palestinian illegals rapped as they robbed couple.

Posted: November 7, 2009 in Law & Disorder

Two illegal immigrants rapped as they carried out a botched knifepoint robbery at a Huddersfield house.

Amin Ibrahim and Sami Tuhmi, both 18, will be deported after being locked up for the raid on Union Street in Lindley.

IlieThe failed asylum seekers from Palestine broke into the house in the early hours of September 26.

They claimed they were gangsters and terrorised 23-year-old tattoo artist Daniel Hartley and his partner, Laura Reilly, with a steak knife from the kitchen.

But they left a string of fingerprints around the house while collecting a bizarre haul of loot, including a pot of hair gel, a pair of women’s trainers, an American one-dollar bill and a laminated poem from a greeting cards shop. They rapped about what they wanted and threatened to kill the couple .

When police arrived minutes later, Ibrahim threw the knife behind a chest of drawers in an attempt to hide the weapon.

The robbers, who were living at Lonsbrough Flats on Southgate, were arrested and charged with robbery and burglary.

The incident started when Miss Reilly was woken up by a light in their bedroom at about 2.45am and then heard noises downstairs. She asked Mr Hartley to investigate.When he went downstairs, Ibrahim and Tuhmi were there.

They had got in through a small window and repeatedly punched Mr Hartley while threatening him with the knife.

Miss Reilly said: “I heard him shout, so I called the police from my bed. I would have gone down in a flash, but the police told me to stay where I was. “About 10 minutes later they [the robbers] brought Daniel upstairs and into our room.

“They wanted our phones. They were very threatening and saying things to my partner like: ‘Do you want to die? Don’t think I won’t kill you, I’ve killed people before. “One of them was rapping, going: ‘I want my sick T-shirts’.”

The pair admitted robbery and burglary and were sentenced at Bradford Crown Court yesterday. Ibrahim got four years’ detention and Tuhmi two years and nine months.

Judge Peter Benson was told the pair face automatic deportation because he sentenced them to more than 12 months.

Don’t make me laugh!


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