Migrant workers trafficked woman for prostitution

Posted: November 7, 2009 in British jobs for British workers

A gang who trafficked a woman from Romania to work the streets of Manchester as a prostitute has been jailed.

The migrant workers lured their victim – a single mum in her twenties – to the UK after their building work dried up because of the credit crunch.

They promised the woman she could earn money as a dancer but forced her to have sex with up to ten men a night in Manchester’s red light districts. She finally escaped their clutches when she appealed to one of her ‘punters’ and he helped her flee to his house.

A court heard that Greater Manchester Police has dedicated twenty officers to tackling the problem of sex trafficking, which Judge Clement Goldstone QC described as a ‘scourge’ in this country as he sentenced the gang.
Manchester Crown Court was told that Romanian migrants Razvan Constandache, 23, Toma Ienei, 23, and Ioan Macicasan, 22, hatched the plot to lure the woman to England when they struggled to find work on building sites.

The young woman was desperate to raise money for her 3-year-old daughter’s education and was approached by Constandache in Romania, who told her she would be far better paid in England.

In late February she got on a coach bound for Manchester with Constandache, Ienei and Macicasan.

After spending their first night in Manchester homeless Ienei contacted his niece, 22-year-old Renata Vas, who was living with her husband Adrian Szalasci, 26, and their toddler son in Cheadle.

They were staying at the home of a 37-year-old British man – Ian Strong – and he agreed to also take in the homeless Romanians unaware that the woman with them had been trafficked. However, when Strong discovered what they were doing he also joined in the gang’s activities and drove the victim to at least one appointment and introduced her to clients.

The victim would be used by up to ten men a night in Manchester’s red light district while Constandache, Ienei, Macicasan and Szalasci kept watch in a nearby car and then took away the money she earned.

When she wasn’t walking the streets the victim was made to cook and clean for ‘the boys’ with Renata Vas, who took suggestive photographs of her in a scheme to advertise her services.

Meanwhile, the Romanian men would go out to steal items from shops, including an outfit for the victim to wear on the streets. The victim decided to escape the gang’s clutches in early March after Macicasan hit her on the nose following a drunken row.

A punter who offered to help her on condition that she married him helped her get away. After she fled to his house the Romanian men bombarded her with texts including threats to kidnap her daughter and tell her mother she was a prostitute.

But,they were trapped by Greater Manchester Police’s Sex Crime Unit after she lured them to Piccadilly Station on the pretence that she wanted to come back to them. Vas and Strong were then picked up.

Razvan Constandache, of no fixed address, admitted at an earlier hearing trafficking a woman into the country, trafficking a woman within the country and controlling a prostitute. He will serve five-and-a-half years.

Toma Ienei of Hartington Street, Moss Side, and Ioan Macicasan, of no fixed abode, will both serve four-and-a-half years after admitting the same offences. Macicasan was given a further six months for assaulting the victim.

Adrian Szalasci, of Hartington Street, Moss Side, admitted trafficking a woman within the UK and controlling a prostitute has been sentenced to three-and-half years.
The court heard Szalasci is on the run from a ten-year sentence for ‘economic fraud’ handed down in Romania.

Renata Vas, of Crondall Street, Moss Side admitted controlling a prostitute and has been sentenced to two years.

Ian Strong, of Astbury Walk, Cheadle, admitted trafficking within the UK and was also sentenced to two years.


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