Wild West shoot out comes to Merseyside.

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Broken Britain


Residents said Lordens Road and Fincham Road, Page Moss, were turned into “the Wild West” for an hour on Tuesday night.

Police said it was fortunate no-one was killed after homes were shot at, bricks were thrown through windows and petrol bombs aimed at houses. Last night, police flooded into the area as one senior officer promised to “banish” those responsible.

The first shots rang out soon after 9.15pm on Tuesday. Gang members targeted houses for an hour, shooting at one of the properties while police were around the corner dealing with one of the earlier incidents.

Police promised to pour officers into the area until they smash the gangs, thought to be fighting over drug turfs.

Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Doherty, head of the Matrix team, said: “We had a lot of success in taking guns off the streets of Huyton recently thanks to members of the public. “We recovered 13 guns and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition in October alone, but if the community are willing to tell us more, we can have more success.“Every shot is potentially lethal and every gun is a potential murder weapon. We will remove these criminals and the threat they pose from our streets.”


An ex-professional boxer has formed a “private police force” to tackle crime and disorder on the streets of a North-East town.

Ilie“Fearless” Francis Jones and his firm, Sparta Security, will patrol parts of Darlington, responding to reports of anti-social behaviour and extinguishing trouble using non-violent techniques.

The trained doormen are offering residents of the Skerne Park and Eastbourne areas protection for a charge of £3.50 a week. Patrols will take place on foot and in a specially modified car. The Sparta wardens will be uniformed and will carry cameras to capture footage that could be used in a court.

Mr Jones, 28, said he came up with the idea after being contacted by people wanting help dealing with problems near their homes.

People subscribing to the service can call Sparta seven days a week, from 8pm to 3am, and can expect a response within minutes, said Mr Jones.

But Darlington police have reminded residents that they should still contact the police if they have concerns. They won’t come out but you can get an incident number off them for insurance purposes.

Sparta will launch the new warden service on Monday.


Volunteer police officers will lose a £1,500 annual payment under chief officers’ plans to cut costs.

Officers plan to axe the “bounty” paid to the 353 special constables working in Humberside to save more than £380,000 a year. Currently, the special constables receive the allowance if they work more than 16 hours a month. However, as part of a drive to cut costs, it will be scrapped in April.

Existing special constables believe that many will resign and less will sign up – leading to less officers on the beat in North East Lincolnshire.


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